Monday, August 19, 2013

Leadville 100: DNF

What was otherwise turning into a fantastic race for me fell apart between Twin Lakes and Treeline inbound.

About two miles into the climb out of Twin Lakes I felt a sharp pain in my left Achilles and could feel some tendon fibers jumbling around. Fast forward to Half Pipe where I started to get severe pain, and by the time I reached my crew at Treeline I could only hobble.

Nearly an hour later I reached Outward Bound (77 miles) and was unable to walk. I called it after I was unable to loosen up a very stiff, sore Achilles and had apparently developed pes anserine bursitis in my right knee. Just sitting still was a painful endeavor at that point.

I had been having a great race - starting in around 35th at May Queen and working my way up to 13th, I had run a very controlled and comfortable first 50 miles, eating 3 gels per hour and keeping within 2 pounds of my starting weight. I don't think I've had a race, especially at altitude, where I was able to knock back gels so easily.

A more detailed report will come, but suffice to say I've never walked away from a race more physically trashed.