Friday, August 12, 2011

The final countdown

This time next I'll be in Leadville, spending the day before the race eating, going over my strategy one final time with my crew, and hanging out with some people I've met at other races.

In fact, I'll be there this weekend, too! Sort of. I'm heading up to Lake and Summit Counties to get in some time at 9-10,000ft, about 3 days or so. I'm not intending to make much more than a minor adaptation, this is really a mental and physical preparation.

Mental in that I need to experience extended time at this elevation so I'm not surprised the weekend of the race. If I discover any problems, I'll know what to expect and how to deal with it. Mental in that I'm going to run the Hope Pass and Powerline sections to get to know the climbs so they feel familiar - both the actual trails and terrain, and the brushes with 12,500ft.

Physical in that I expect some discomfort the first day or so, but hope to start feeling good by the time I head back down to Fort Collins - a little nudge toward acclimation would be helpful. If my run up Flattop is any indication, I don't see the acute effects of elevation having an adverse impact on my running. My main concern is eating and, even more, hydration; perhaps my body will have enough time this weekend to take a crack at the latter.

I'll be equipped with music from my new go-to artist, Madeon, and a little something from the dirty dirty (Skrillex):

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