Saturday, September 24, 2011

"This is the long forgotten..."

"...light at the end of the world."

Good morning, Rockies.

Some lonely trail lit by a rising sun.

Hallett Peak. 

Don't get too close...

Getting too close, now...

Inches away from too close!

Remnants of the first snowfall in Bighorn Flats.

No words.

High elevation (11,000-13,000ft) alpine tundra is by far my favorite running terrain. Short-grass and moss fields strewn with lichen-covered boulders, rolling terrain, and the most expansive panoramas imaginable.

You feel very small here, overshadowed by rocky peaks but also overwhelmed by the amount of space. The steady wind chills your core while the strong sun burns your cheeks. It's humbling.

And it's empty. If you seek true solitude and wonder what "nothing" sounds like, this is the place.

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