Saturday, November 5, 2011

The grinder

Here is what's on my plate right now:

-NSF Fellowship application: my adviser and I decided I should go for an NSF fellowship, since I have a paper and a few presentations to my name. I have ten days to crank out a proposal, personal statement, and summation of previous research. Yowza.

-Grad school classes: they're hard and time consuming, what can I say? Thankfully I have only one midterm between now and Thanksgiving. The week after turkey day is going to be intense - two midterms, an oral presentation in atmospheric chemistry on hydroxyl radical production from obscure sources (much more interesting that it sounds), a weather discussion to lead, and at the end of the week, I catch a jet to San Fran and run 50 miles on Saturday. This is the meat grinder, but I did this sort of thing last year with the NF50.

-Getting this IT-band/piriformis under control. It's getting better on some sort of logarithmic slope.

-Realizing that heating an apartment in Colorado can cost you a pretty penny.

-And doing research for my thesis. LOL

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