Thursday, January 26, 2012

Good things come in pairs

I've really been enjoying the New Balance MT110's for the past month - a substantial review is soon to come, given that I've had time to break them in. Suffice to say, these are easily the best shoes I've ever worn.

I just got my Inov8 Bare-Grip 200's today. I choose to go for size 8.5; normally I'd wear an 8 but I need the extra width, and Inov8 curiously doesn't offer wide sizes (WTFBBQ?). At any rate, I took them out for a short spin, and color me impressed. I'm going to have to write up two very glowing reviews in the next week.

The Bare-Grips are, of course, for Hagg Lake, and for the upcoming wet season here in Colorado. The trails I train on daily turn to into that shoe-sucking clay mud when it rains, and I've heard good things about the BG's ability to shed mud and provide unmatched traction...all in a minimal, zero-drop shoe? Ya, you betcha.

Eats mud for breakfast.

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