Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Week ending Feb 18

Sunday: Off.

Monday: 8 miles, Centennial Drive, 1500ft of gain; 4 miles, Centennial Drive, 1000ft of gain. Two bouts on Centennial, as the trails are still treacherous and I'm not ready to take the risk of an acute injury before the race. I absolutely destroyed the afternoon run, completing it in a cool 26 minutes. I like having an intense run after I get back from the bike ride home - it's a nice way to get some extra energy for doing work in the evening.

Tuesday: 8 miles, Centennial Drive, 1500ft of gain. Felt a little stuffy in the nose this morning but that cleared out as soon as I hit the cold pavement. I finished feeling a little hotter than normal, and I was definitely not overdressed for 15 degrees and windy. Started feeling like crap later in the day and had to go home early - yep, it's a cold.

Wednesday: Off. Feel terrible, very bad congestion in my sinuses, pounding headache, but thankfully no fever. I slept during the day and skipped out on classes and work.

Thursday: Off. Feel better than yesterday, but I need to kick this before the race. I pulled a half day at the department - just classes and then an hour of research.

Friday: 8 miles, Foothills trail, 2000ft of gain. The bad congestion has subsided, so now I'm just dealing with a little latent stuffiness. I worked out a lot of it on the run. Then I hopped in the car and drove the Friday rush to DIA for my flight to Portland. Arriving at around 8pm, the re-pressurization on the descent knocked out the last remnants of congestion in my sinuses. I'm feeling good and ready to rip that mud up tomorrow - thanks to rest and sinus flushes.

Saturday: 31 miles, 3000ft of gain, Hagg Lake 50k. 7th place in 4:04:38, an hour faster than last year. Race report incoming.

Mileage: 59
Elevation gain: 9000ft
Time: 7.5 hours

I just barely recovered from the cold in time for the race. Maybe it was the forced rest on Wednesday and Thursday that gave me so much energy on Saturday.

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