Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Week ending Apr 21

Monday: 6 miles, Foothills trail, 1000ft of gain. Still felt some fullness in the leg this morning, so I was anxious to get to CSU's physical therapy office. I had some Graston massage done and was taught a few new exercises/stretches. The massage was pretty wild - they use metal instruments with tapered edges that induce microtrauma, basically breaking up scar tissue. My sore leg's tendon sheath was pretty bumpy; as a point of comparison, the right (perfectly healthy) leg's tendon sheath was smooth.

Tuesday: Off.

Wednesday: 8 miles, Foothills trail, 1000ft of gain. Feeling much better today, although I had to work to avoid stressing the anterior compartment too much. That involves a serious forward lean and avoiding uneven surfaces.

Thursday: 10 miles, Foothills trail, 1500ft of gain. Tried to go a little farther today and felt about the same as the run yesterday, so I suppose that means running isn't making things worse!

Friday: 8 miles, Foothills trail, 1000ft of gain. Feeling a little better than yesterday, although there is still notable fullness, especially running downhill. Went in again for another session of Graston and other work, which felt great. I also got taped up with some KT tape.

Saturday: 20 miles, Horsetooth Mountain, 3500ft of gain. Two big loops up Horsetooth with some minor climbs and diversions thrown in the mix. The tape, along with ibuprofen, helped a ton - I felt no pain or fullness at all during the run, and only a little fullness and swelling post-run. Weather was fantastic, with temperatures in the 50's at the start and near 70 by the time I finished.

Sunday: Off.

Mileage: 52 miles
Elevation gain: 8000ft of gain

Slowly getting back into the swing...

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