Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Week ending Apr 8

Monday: Traveling back home. Resting, eating, drinking lots of water.

Tuesday: Resting, eating, drinking slightly less water. The foot swelling has gone down and I'm back to my normal weight - no more cankles!

Wednesday: Resting, eating a bit less, left shin is still a little sore.

Thursday: Resting, left shin soreness is dissipating.

Friday: Sports massage today, which actually went quite well. My quads and hamstrings are great, calves a little less so, peroneal muscles are absolutely knotted to hell so I'll be going back for those sometime soon. I had the masseuse work on my left shin, which seems to have helped. It's remained swollen and makes dorsiflexion/running motion a bit painful, but it has been getting better with ice and compression. My calf sleeves taper right over the anterior muscles with a tight "lip", which may have irritated them. Either that or it's a mild strain of one of the extensor muscles.

Saturday: Off to visit family.

Sunday: Off.

Mileage: Nada.
Elevation gain: Nada.

Biking to work has helped loosen most things up. After making the mistake one too many times before, I'm in no hurry to rush back to training and force anything. I've got plenty of time before Quad Rock to heal my shin. It actually may be a blessing in disguise - normally I'd be working my mileage back up and asking for an overuse injury at this point.

I've had my left shin looked at - I likely had some minor compartment syndrome towards the end of the race; right now just some minor tendonitis in an extensor tendon. I'll probably resume running tomorrow or Thursday and see how that feels.

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